Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What I Buy Wednesday

I didn't buy much this week. I don't really shop every week anyway. This week, I bought a new "blow" brush to replace the one that the "odd" electrical in Ireland ruined. Not that exciting. But this is!!

I haven't owned a belt in probably 10 (or more) years. Well, lately, my pants have been about to fall off of me. I've always had the problem of a "smaller" (I know that's a bit of an oxymoron right now, but it is what it is) waist compared to my posterior. Anyway, rather than keep hiking my pants up, I decided I needed to get a belt.

Butch and I were running errands together. We were stopping at Walmart to get salt for the pool so I decided to check out their belts. Here's the exciting part!
I got both of these best for 8 bucks! It's a little hard to tell, but the woven one is silver. It doesn't really matter because these belts are meant to be functional. They are never going to show!!

So that's it for me this week. Did you buy anything exciting?

My cousin, Chrissy did. She found this unusual fern.
 I have no idea what type it is. I tried looking it up, but couldn't find it. I love the texture of it.
 Chrissy has lots of shade---perfect for ferns.
 She has quite a variety along with an assortment of hostas.

And while we're talking about plants, let's move right on to trees.
This is the tree my siblings and I bought as a memorial to my brother, Ronnie. I can't wait to see it in person. We wanted this so that his little grands, Evie and Josie would have a point of reference---grandpa's tree. Being 5 and 3, they will have few memories of him. Jackie's friends gave her this memorial stone bench. I'm told it's pretty nice looking and  decent size. Kind of hard to tell! When I bought it, I told the "people" that I wanted soil amendments added. They said they always do that when they plant trees. I hope so!

Well that's it for What I Buy Wednesdays this week.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts About...

...organizing! I prefer a well organized home. A little over a year ago, I was pretty jealous of Stephanie and Nicky's move. Not only a new house, but the fact that everything was completely organized---all except her scrapbook stuff. It was a further 9 months before we got to that, but luckily, the boxes were stowed away in an empty closet.

In January (when I usually try to organize my own house) we set a date to get the scrapbook stuff organized. We did the entire thing in just a couple hours---which included going through the stuff we didn't have time for before the move. The results:

This closet goes all the way through to the other side. So with this, everything in her new home is perfectly organized. I'm double jealous this year because I still haven't gotten to all the closets and drawers in my own house! There's a lot to do!!

Still, little things do add up. Last week, I tackled my jewelry. I went through everything. I put aside what I plan to get rid of. The whole family will be here this weekend, so I let them know they would have the opportunity to go through what I'm getting rid of. I suggested they might want to do the same. We'll have a jewelry swap! Sounds like a plan.

So, here's what I have set up for myself. I decided that I wanted to sort everything by color---just like many of my scrapbook supplies.
I have this cute little jewelry armoir.
I decided that each drawer would hold a different color of jewels! The way it was before---it looked like a treasure chest full of jewels all mixed up! I couldn't find anything easily.
One drawer hold watches. Many of these need batteries. A couple are really old---and hard to get rid of even though I don't EVER wear them. There's my Gucci that I wore constantly in the 90's---maybe the entire decade. I just don't really wear watches much, but still, I'm reluctant to let them go.
 The top drawer of my chest contains assorted earrings, seasonal jewelry and "fancy" jewelry.
 Coral and orange mixed with aqua and green.
 Charm bracelets and my junk bracelets.
 All of my necklaces.
 Gold, silver, black and white.
Blues--all shades. The little pile in the lower left is exactly one pair of green fake emerald and diamond earrings and a real pearl ring with little emeralds--the only green I own!

Finally, I can see what I have. It's much more accessible. And yes, I do wear most of it. I've gotten rid of what I don't. A lot of it is cheap, costume jewelry. Some of it is "designer" like Kate Spade, Alex and Ani, Juicy, Brighton and Pandora. Some of it is vintage. Some of it is semi precious and a small amount is fine.

I'm all about being able to find things easily. Of all the things I almost don't wear, it would have to be the necklaces. I have a simple diamond that I never take off. As for the other necklaces, I feel like I never have the right blouses or shirts to wear with them. If I haven't worn them within the next year, I'll get rid of them too. I really am trying to simplify. I just want to be able to remember what I have and wear it!

And that's exactly why I want everything organized! Works for me!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday Mystery

I was at the beach last week.
This is our condo building. If you count the French doors on the bottom from the right, ours is #3&4. It's a pretty place for sure. This is there perfect time of year to go.
When I went out for my daily walk, I passed this. The enclosure is on the side of the building. If your air conditioning unit goes out, how in the world would they know which one it is?

Now that's a mystery I hope we never have to solve!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Royal Watch

Well, today's the day!

I toyed with the idea of having a Royal Watch Party. I decided against it for a few reasons:
1. We had poker last night, so I knew I'd have prep work and then clean up to deal with.
2. Stephanie and Mindy didn't seem too keen on the idea.
3. Probably nobody wants to get up too early.

Personally, I have the coverage set to tape. But I had planned to get up at 4 a.m. When I was telling Butch about the idea of a watch party, he said he'd watch it with me. Then he found out about the 4 a.m. thing. I said that I'd wait until 6 a.m. if he wanted to do it.

I was really happy that he wanted to watch it with me. I hadn't planned to "blab" it all over in case he might be a bit embarrassed about it, but I heard him tell his poker buddies that he was going to be watching with me, so I figured it was public knowledge now!

I decided to go all out and have a royal tea party just for us!
I went to the stores---yes, 3 places---to get appropriate "tea" foods. Scones from Publix, Devonshire cream and zucchini bread from Fresh Market and a spinach and cheese quiche from Puffy Muffin. Also, I do not plan to serve the English muffins, but, English is in the name, so that seemed appropriate. I'm not even going to serve the zucchini bread because, well, how much food can two people eat!
 I pulled out my Downton Abbey teapot that I bought in England a few years ago. I also got out the commemorative plate from Kate and William's wedding that I bought on my first trip to England.

 AND---and this is BIG---I'll be serving the commemorative tea blend from Twinings I bought on my first visit. Twinings is a must for me whenever I go to London. In the background you can see my Downton Abbey tea cozy.
 It's the most unusual tea that I own.

It's all about them!! They are so cute together! I hope it lasts forever.
 For the Royal Wedding, it's all about the hats and fascinators. I think we would have fit right in, don't you?
 Even our news personnel have been wearing fascinators all week.

I loved every minute of the wedding coverage. Turns out, Butch---not so much. He never woke up! I gave him a 20 minute notice to the actual ceremony, but he fell back asleep. Oh well, he was about to miss an event of a lifetime! I guess he figures he's already been to the wedding of a lifetime. At least I hope that's it!

PS He did get up just in time!

PSS I'm so happy that my friend, Diane from England is thinking of me today! She sent me these photos!

A beautiful couple! I loved her dress, the simplicity of it. And the tiara is stunning. I've seen several at the Tower of London, but don't recall if this was one of them. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Friday, May 18, 2018


What The Fashion---Friday!

I'm starting something new here. Just another way to share a little of our life!

Last Saturday was the Iroquois Steeplechase. It's a huge social event benefiting Vanderbilt's Children's Hospital. We've had our box for about 30 years now. Over the years, we've taken friends and family. Now, the next generation (our girls) and the one after that (our grands) are enjoying it. Me, well, let's just say I'm "over" it. It's a long day---LONG---and oh, so, very HOT---in the blaring sun. Still, I'll be doing it when I can just to be with family. That's always fun!

Steeplechase is all about fashion. It's the place to see and be seen. Actually, that's the part I like the best---people watching! I enjoyed people watching right in our own box!
 Stephanie and Mindy start thinking about what they are going to wear weeks ahead.
As for me, I'm wearing the same hat I've worn for about 20 years! I just change out the scarf on top. This one happens to be the new Kate Spade one I bought last week at the beach.
Once the girls decide their dress, it's off to "Sunnybands" for custom made fascinators.
The whole thing is quite a production---food and drink---ice, coolers and LOTS of sunscreen. Butch went back to the car to get me an umbrella. I always say, I don't mind how hot it is as long as I can have shade. That still holds true. I'm not a baby about the heat. I did have a wash cloth that I soaked in the icy water and put on the back of my neck. It really makes a difference! The umbrella is a big help too. Of course, there are always risks with that in such a small space. I didn't actually bump it in to anyone in the adjoining box, but came close a few times. Enough that Butch was a bit on edge about it. I did knock Mindy's fascinator off once---she wasn't too happy about that! She gives me the "Mom!" And then, "Dad"---with that look that means, "can you control her!" The answer to that is---heck no! Anyway, I even knocked over my bloody Mary! Now that was bad---all over my white pants. WTF!
This year, Sunnybands also had the perfect pair of matching sunglasses for Mindy! Posing with the men in her life!
 There's a lot of drinking going on. Apparently, Mindy and Justin started a tradition of doing a shot of Jack before the Iroquoise race. For me it was about a quarter inch in these cute little red solo cups!

Bonnie and Dave are adopted members of the family now---since they've been to so many family gatherings and holidays! Bonnie decorated her own hat.
 I love this side view of the girls enjoying the races.
Alyson is one of Mindy's friends since kindergarten. They still see each other regularly, but it was purely coincidental that they were both rockin' black and white polka dots!
It would not be an Eads' gathering without some sort of competition! We always keep it friendly. Each couple put in $28---$2.00 each per race. Justin and Mindy were the big winners. They won $9.00. Bonnie and Dave were the big losers---they lost $9.00. Totally worth it for a day of fun!

That's it for my first WTF Friday!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts about...


I have read about so many ways to check to see if a cantaloupe is fresh, juicy and sweet. I've tried sniffing the stem end---a little weird. I've tried smushing both ends---supposedly if it is soft and "gives"---it's ready. I've even tried bouncing one on the floor. The produce manager didn't much appreciate that.

But, I have found a fool proof way to ensure your cantaloupe will be just perfect! Just leave it on the counter for a few days. I started doing it last summer and it really works. Now, I have not bought a cantaloupe in the middle of winter, but I just bought two this past week---one at the beach and one here at home. Both were delicious!

Give it a try. And that's what I'm thinking about this Tuesday! (Okay, not the only thing, but one thing).